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Our story

by Jenni

I have always been close with this guy
He's one of those player, a real bad boy
I love him with all my heart, I can't deny
Our time together we would always enjoy

He was smoking, drinking and taking drugs
He actually promised to stop for me
When I caught him he simply shrugs
Ended up in hospital eventually

During sports he started coughing blood
There was no time to lose so we hurried
It must be something serious, doors got shut
Never in my life was I that worried

He did not wake up and was really weak
I want him to know how much he means to me
I didn't know what to do, for Gods help I'd seek
Left a prayer at the cathedral, for none to see

Dear God I know he did many mistakes
I do not want him to leave just yet
Please, all I wish for is that he awakes
I loved him from the moment we met

He is better now, I am really grateful
He belongs to me though he doesn't know
I can believe in God, need to be faithful
I just hope that one day his love for me will grow

Once he was alright he started walking
His happiness is all what I want to see
Not expecting what'd happen we were talking
He found the prayer and confronted me

My feelings for him were surprising he'd say
But he was glad that he finally knew
Because he actually felt the same way
Our love would forever stay true