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I Want To Be

by Paul Gondwe

I want to be the one you can trust,
the one you believe in,
to kiss you goodnight

I want to be the one to protect you,
From weary, sorrow, even fright
The one to hold you tight,
someone you will have for the rest of your life

I want to be the one you can call honey,
be your soul mate
The one I can call my love
Whether with riches or with no money

I want to be the hope in your life
The standing block
Put on a smile, do not be in shock
Let me be your first, your last
Our love to grow with time
Let us not be in haste, let us not be fast

I want to be in your future
Forget the past
Let us forge what is ahead
I want to live in the present
With no one but you
It is not a fluke, baby
Please understand

I want to be that sigh of relief you take
My love to have an impact
Just like the Tsunami quake

I want you to see what I see
The sparkle, beauty
Just like Malawi Lake
Am not being fake
Let me be that smile you make
The last breath you will take