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Girl and a Gum Tree

by Melpomene

Many days

I've found you -
slumped 'neath a gum tree,

the dew dripping from
an unripe leaf to your spine
making snail tracks
of words you couldn't say.

Bottlebrush bloomed and
your eyes were swollen
like a puffer fish -

and while my nose
wrinkled with the scent
of eucalyptus, I'd
stay with you anyway.


Your face nuzzled
against my cheek and
I'd often ask why
my skin would feel sloshed
like a swamp or an
over watered garden..

..Yet you'd never respond
for we spoke with
foreign tongues.

Somedays you'd whisper
between the buzz
of a bee and screech of
cockatoos dropping
seeds upon our heads,

you words jumbled
yet warm like the sun.


Many times
I'd place a gift
at your feet yet you'd
whiz it across the yard
like a fly over my head

and still I'd bring it back
with a huff and puff,
a flick of my tail
brushing against your leg.

For you to know,
I love you too.