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River Queen

by Exostosis

Must she tease this cavity galore
Speak not of the woe that splashes against our mirth
But a lullaby, whisper to me oh dearest!

An errant swarm of thought hovers
whilst a torrent of ice latented sea pacifies
Must she refill and rim absinthe
till I slumber along this crystal decanter

I have longed to bath in her beauty
To walk amidst her madder vineyards
This nature orphic, distills her form so sublime
Must she parlance my vanity so familiar

Her voice, perhaps it is her voice
that lures me silent and tamed
Her skin albicant, lapped in milk and honey
The radiant of all, those dwell in bodies

This prolonged night melanic, barring solitude
Must she mortar mine essence with hers
Whilst, wild winds yearn to haul her brunneous hair
the pallor moonlight to nest upon her cinnabar lips

Her panoramic body glistened in adamant divine
Her face. . oh her face is resplendent
and her halo topaz, sets this heart throbbing
Must she devise separation between hands intertwined

For I have sailed across the oceans of time
to find my river queen
to dock within her harbor lovat
Must she, my ardent star
beacon my homecoming