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Im Gunna Be Ok

by Emily Strickland

Today When I Woke Up
I Realized Something New
I Decided I Was Gunna Be Okay
And I'd Get Over You

I Took A Look Around
At All The Things I Got
I Realized What They Meant To Me
Its Something I Must Of Forgot

I Put Behind The Past
And Left Behind The Worry
And All The Tears I Cried For You
I Wanted To Say I'm Sorry

I'm Sorry I Had To Go Waste
So Much Of My Time
Crying Over Something
That Was Never Really Mine

I Have Finally Begun To Smile
No Longer Do I Cry
Again I'm Able To Laugh
And Now I Know Why

It Took Some Time
But Finally Today
I Woke Up And Realized
Without You I'm Gunna Be Okay