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She doesn't know but I wept too

by Karla

She hugged me
in hospital when I was waiting
for my diagnose and wept.
Her tears rolled down
her face and drenched my heart
with jasmines, guitars,
Mathematics tests, ex-boyfriends
and only one absolute certainty:
she needs me.

I whispered:
"I will take care of myself,
everything will be alright,
I promise you."
Our eyes were red
and I can't remember anything
but love emerging in me
like a huge wave carrying me away
to a kind of cosmic sea of love.

I don't have a use-by date:
time is nothing, it is a drop of her tear.
She is my eternity.

She couldn't see
but I wept when she held me
and said "I love you".
She doesn't know
but I need her too.

Karla Bardanza
For my daughter