Read Love Poems

Old photos and crinkled love letters

by The Poet Behind The Poems

Drops of the deepest emotion falls
from the window to my broken soul,
each drop stains the crinkled love letter
written from your deceiving heart, every word
like a blade tearing through my skin destroying
my protective shell, leaving my heart vulnerable
to the suffocation of your betrayal

Our memories on the wall surrounds me,
feeling claustrophobic im a prisoner of these still images
That traumatize my fragile mind day after day ,
i still feel you as close as the cold breeze
on the back of my neck ,Looking at the past
we shared together i remember the first time
i saw the sun come up in your eyes ,
it was the first time we took off our purity rings
this image will forever haunt my shattered heart

Yesterday can not be erased
but hopefully tomorrow
can still be written.