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Lost in angel eyes

by TJ Arizona Eagle

Did you ever notice
the sensation that comes
over you after biting off
a piece of chocolate and
letting it melt slowly
on your tongue?

Or that : oh yeah
feeling you get, while
sipping the first cup of
morning coffee

How about that cool
refreshing dip in a pool
when the scorching summer
sun torments your skin.

The experience of a babies first smile,
as his tiny fingers reach out to
hold on to your hand? Soft
cooing sounds tease tears
of joy .

As I look into your angel eyes
all these sensations wash over
me. A combined expression of
what your love does to me.

I live in a dream , wading in
a magic pond of emotions
that dance around me. In your
eyes I see the man I can be, strong
protective and yours forever.
I love you Angel Eyes