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Inside im dead

by kristen

Don't make me cry
I'm all out of tears
you'd think I'd be strong
after so many years

my soul has been broken
from the things that you say
if I'm too weak to crawl
how will i run away

trapped underneath
a sea of your hate
and I'm sorry to say
I'm afraid its to late

i just cant go on
with you bringing me down
my tears building up
in the crease of my frown

so ill let out my pain
in a whole different way
with the wrath of the blade
send the sadness away

feelings of guilt
are clear in my eyes
I'm coming unglued
getting sick of your lies

why don't you see
how i hurt deep inside
the remorse in my soul
i can no longer hide

so i cut and i cut
and I'm sorry to say
with each crimson tear
i feel better each day

so ill continue to cut
because inside I'm dead
these tears i cry
in brilliant shades of red