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Endless Nights In My Heart

by joey

As it comes and goes
Another day must begin.
The time slips bye, never to happen again;
There is no need to mend,
For it was just another night without and end.

It was another night we discovered our love,
Another moment where eternity wasn’t enough.
God had sent a dove from above
Just full of love.

Another night that was perfect
Where what memories were brought, was great.
A time to happen no matter what all because of fate,
It definitely wasn’t to early or late.

An endless fantasy that seemed timeless.
Everything was hate less,
Except that I had to leave,
It just had to end
The sun had to walk away.

Another dream that I woke up to early
When time just flew away.
Now leaving the night with a romantic end,
And just another moment never coming again.