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Can i move on without you

by joey

Looking back only makes me mad;
I can see what I loved,
I remember how it was.

I hate my feelings all the time,
And I can't run away from my depressing rhymes.
Jealous of the ones you actually love,
You make them seem blessed,
You treat them as if they are divine.
Never giving me my time,
And allow me to shine.

I must be worth nothing to you,
‘‘Cause with every word you say
You constantly turn me away.
No longer are you words pure,
And my direction with you is unclear

My heart is fragile,
My words are heavyhearted,
My thoughts are miserable,
Every step is suffering,
And every part tells me the loving is foregone.
Everything we had is gone.
I should move on,
But my heart keeps pushing me along.

I can only see what your putting in front of me,
And your clogging my thoughts
With what we used to be.
The long past of when we were perfect,
And I wasn't so down
In pain I wasn't about to drown.

Times are different now;
I must leave you behind,
The memories I had I'll disavow
Throwing you out of my mind.

I'm letting those moments rot in time,
I'm showing you I'm not blind,That my life I can find
Without us entwined.

But will I ever rewind
The lies in my heart
That you loved me from the start.
The times you denied impart
While tearing us apart.
Will I be able to part?
Is my heart ready to depart?