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Giving Up.

by Unseen Exposure

This is how it goes,
Barely ever does it differ,
Because when it comes to you,
There's always something bigger,
Nothings ever enough,
Nothing ever adds up to your needs,
You'll never be truthful,
You'll just lie through your teeth,
And though there are others,
You'll always remain inside,
You've broken me every way,
To fix myself, I dare not try,
And he, he opened his mouth
Spoke a lie that wasn't true,
Made me not trust again,
The way I lost trust in you,
So now there's really no one,
A dream I cannot live,
And here I am alone,
They've taken all I had to give,
With nothing but a name,
And a few sad blurry thoughts,
I'm sick and I'm tired of this,
My stomach's all in knots,
I'm really giving up,
Nothing now depends on me,
Instead of living life,
I'd escape to live in dreams.