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A broken rainbow in my Heart,
with colours now all changed to blue
The ends don't meet since we did part,
when you turned saying 'I don't Love you'

Once Fate, it held us in its arms,
now nothing left for it to hold
We once were slaves 'each others charms,
but now your love's been 'bought and sold'

You walk beside me in my dreams,
down avenues of Love we go
The way is lit by bright moon beams,
and there you still do love me so

I'd built a castle in the sand,
and made you Princess of my Heart
It crumbled as I kissed your hand,
and then 'Loves tears' began to start

Our Love, you pushed away the beams,
and I thought you would stay my Friend
My mind now lives in worlds of dreams,
'cos there at least, we have no end...