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Why cant someone believe in this love

by joey

Why can't Someone Believe in Us?

Does anyone believe
That my love will stand.
Could you think just for a minute
I want to hold her hand.
She's the one I love;
Why can't you understand
This is who I am,
I'm at her command.

Why can't you see she's happy.
She is the one without a flaw.
I don't want to hurt her,
But I have before you saw,
And that pain will stay in the past;
As my love will always last.

Why do you want me to walk away from her?
You make me remember
The reasons I hate it here.
What do I have to say
For you to let me love her some day?
Instead you fill me with my one fear
That she'll end us,
And I'll have my lonely tears

Will you stop the rumors
They act as a tumor;
Saying I don't love her
Makes me melt inside,
Because she is my angel.
You've coerced me look to sleep
So me and her are alone
Where the memories I can keep

You seem to want it to be over,
But why can't you accept
She is my one and only true love;
That comes in the form of a heavenly dove.
She makes my wishes reality,
And turns away any alarms,
Always staying by my side
Where I fall in love again and again.

So when I say I love her
Why am I questioned by you?
Why do you want us to be through?
You and your crew crave someone new,
Even though I'll love her until the end,
Even when I'm the one dying who needs to mend.

If she truly wasn't happy
I'd let her heart free,
Because I love her unconditionally.
I avow her amour dearly,
And we should be together
Through any kind of weather,
So look closer and see
That me and her are meant to be.

I always thought you believed me,
But now I can see
You pumped lies into her to flee.
Saying it was the best for me,
That I was left behind,
And hope my love would eventually be gone in time.

Why have you lied to me?
I've almost lost my reason to try,
The respect I had for you has disappeared and died.
You always told me we (me and her) would last long,
But now you try to make us drown
Saying we aren't strong.

So what do I need to do
To show you lied
Saying hurtful words without a clue.
I hope your happy that I have cried,
Because I can't take it if my love is denied.
I can't be away from her when she has my heart,
So stop tearing us apart.