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To be in love

by Tim Bradshaw

I never thought in a million years,
I would want to start again.
My prior ones were so messed up,
As if I couldn't win.
I hope I don't screw this one up,
And destroy this woman's life.
I want to feel how true love feels,
My heart without a knife.
I'm kind of scared of what's to come,
In my life with her.
But when I'm with her my mind is clear,
Everything else becomes a blur.
I hold her closely in my arms,
And kiss her sensual lips.
I close my eyes and picture her here,
And enjoy the beautiful glimpse.
I get real lonely without her here,
To hold me through the night,
I want to feel her close to me,
Her arms wrapped around me tight.
As for now I'll sit and wait,
For the time I most desire.
To see the girl who brightens my eyes,
The one who lights my fire.