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The forgotten story...

by Amreen

Today when I opened
the book of my memories,
I encountered a dried rose
drenched with the aroma
of a blissful history...

My ambience got filled
with its faint fragrance,
making me sense,
just like a young blossom
when kissed with grace...

I remember the day I saw him,
my senses convinced me
that he does possess the radiance,
to shimmer my life,
with the touch of glee...

I haven't owned the courage ever,
to say to him that
his love for me is like
the moon in the night,
giving meaning to my soul...

I was always shy to say
that my love for him is true,
that he is the twinkle of my eye,
that he is my beloved,
that.... I really love him...

Still... I am happy today,
despite he isn't mine,
as he was the first petal of affection
in my garden of life,
defining the beauty of love to me...

And his remembrance for me
is like the gentle scent of the soil,
which exudes a splash of thoughts,
the rain of my love falls on it...