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Destruction, In The Flames

by CathyButterflyJC

Like a venomous deep descending rain
Pouring over all who temper with insanity
Like poison in a prison
Of his own sad game
Trapped in destruction
Crawling from obliteration
Wishing to roll the train
That is on top of me
Roll it off without the pain
That you've set upon me
This ache consumes me freedom
The stabs become a sorrowful truth
You are such a headache
Such heartache
If I let you return
I know I'll surely burn
In the flames of all your lies
Where my belonging beside you dies
In the pit of your destruction
Funny this is I'm the only one here
But those you hurt are everywhere
You stomped on them in your path
Do you know what you lack
In that plane of deceit
Where my heart can barely beat
In the flames were all else dies
In the vines that sprout with lies
When you say you do care
And not believing is unfair
But when I feel our doom
Our disaster in the troubles
It's become just a tomb
And me you still wound
Your appreciation for me seems
And tumbles like misfortune
You shove me to the side
How much I bleed I'll always hide
In the flames I burn
Will the You I know
Come back and return
You darken my bruises
Blacken the light
Remove hope from sight
How can I be headstrong
When you make everything feel wrong
You are such a heartache
You are such a heartbreak
This friendship agonizingly burns
In these blasted flames
Where there's no dancing in the rain