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by MyHalozChokinMe

It took me awhile to swallow
you whole but once I could taste
it on my tongue it was easy and
the feeling just slipped
right down.

Then, all at once
emotions came calling
and my mind was gone
and all I can do is
feel high and giddy.

Hyper and happy.

Childish and dreamy.

Hazy and full of fluff.

I giggle and bounce
and I am lifted away
into air-made whirlpools,
into the little cyclones
that frame deserted

At first I was reluctant
to succumb because it
felt oh-so-unappetizing
and I was content with
my current state of mind.

But, I dared to take a
bite, my resistance was
futile and now the feeling
just keeps going and going
until it's gone and I find

I need