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Field of dreams

by Chelsey

If this flirting is more than spontaneous fun,
I'd be overjoyed in silence because I'm afraid
of showing you how often I've thought
about your attractiveness.

You're the first one I can say is
out of my league, but give me the
ball and I promise to knock it
out of the park. I promise to win
you over and never disappoint you.

It's crazy right? To even think of you
this way, but lately my eyes have
opened to your perfection and I can't
help but question, were you made for me?

Your head rests in a city I so long
to sleep in and your laughter
is one I wish to never go a day
without hearing.

Your talent exceeds my ability to
describe my admiration, but when
I watch you, chills tap dance on
my spine and I want to never
stop supporting you.

Your excitement for life has
spiked my curiosity as to what
you plan on doing with it?
Can I come?

Even if not long term, will
you take me on a ride through
your world, because I need a
different adventure?

We don't have to tell,
I can keep you a secret...

All that matters is
your opinion and I pray
it will meet mine in the middle
of a thought provoking
field of dreams.