Read Love Poems


by Chelsey

I wrote a whole page of coward thoughts
to avoid the truth my heart is blessed with.
Three stanzas, sixty two words, neither
accurate enough to approach you with.

So here's the layout, the floor plan
of where I house my emotions for you.

I catch myself living in daydreams
where you hold me tenderly. I'd be
lying if I said I didn't savor every
minute of that false reality.

At night, my darkest hour is
lit with lanterns that illuminate
your face. I'll never understand how
you can appear so vivid when your
not here in the physical sense.

Hours are spent praying these feelings
go away or progress because I can't take
this stand still moment....

This craving is overwhelming and quite
random, but they say you find love when
you least expect it and you darling,
are unexpected.

If drastic times call for drastic measures
then take me to where you are and
let's make real today, what I've
dreamt last night.