Read Love Poems


by Stephen

A single tree is a lonely tree, taking all of the abuse.
It has no companion to share beauty with
or entangle within its roots.

We're trees in this forest of life.
Together we'll parade into our unknown future.
Blissfully content, worrying is a thing of the past,
as long as the future consists of us,
and not you.. and me..

Like trees we'll stand side by side
through every storm and any weather,
it's a promise, we'll stick together.
We'll share sunrises and sway with the breeze
under a sky decorated with stars.
We may lose a piece of ourselves
at times when life becomes cold,
but are never forgetful that we
regain what we've lost in due time.

I promise to stand strong for you,
so if you ever feel weak lean on me.
We'll grow together in
the precious moments of now;
everyday bringing us closer and more attached..
We'll share our pains and awake to the sun
every day knowing the other
is still standing strong by our side...

Like two trees in a forest