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In Love With the Boy That You Used To Be

by Lauren Lee

I saw you look at her today
And the confusion in your eye
You wanted to ask her why she was sad
But instead just shrugged and said, "hi"

She said nothing to you in return
As she calmly walked right by
She tried to act like she was fine
Yet you still wondered why

But what you don't know
About this girl that you see
Is she's in love with the boy
That you used to be

You once gave her your love to keep
But took it away as you left her to weep
You didn't think she'd stay hurt this long
But her love for you is not yet gone

So next time you stop and look her way
You'll know why she turns and walks away
She can't understand the boy you've become
You played with her heart and threw away her love

So if you still wonder
About this girl that you see
She's still in love with boy
That you used to be