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A Taste of Love

by TSI25

The summer sun was broken then,
its warmth drifting
like so many golden feathers
on the downy, evening breeze

Can you remember what you said?

Your words grew soft in the singing air;
glowing forget-me-nots of blue and silver,
with golden cream-filled centres,
delicately caressing the soul.

I held the cards in my hand but
they were not my cards they were...

They danced to the tune of your soul,
and for a moment -
as I remembered what you said - I felt
your heart's gentle flame
lapping at my lonely soul
dancing in the broken summer sun
as I had yearned to learn to
merely years before

and I still remember what you said...
I remember the crown of forget-me-nots
and the sweet taste
of nectar on the summer wind.
It was just a drop I did adore-
a taste of love
and nothing more.