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Thinking Of You!

by Jennifer Fox or Jackson

When I think of you
my heart begins to pound
pitter, patter
makes its sound.

I miss you so much
it hurts inside
to think of you
and our short ride.

I try fighting back the tears
that comes rolling down my cheek
unable to stop it
it goes on for a week.

Not knowing what went wrong
or why it ended so fast
I come to wonder
why it didn't last.

I don't even know why
I feel this way
or the reason
you went away.

My love for you
was filled with dreams
the dreams I had
were so extreme.

What's life without love
what's love without life
these things come to mind
as if it were timed.

Figureing it out
has been the hardest part
not to mention
finding a brand new start.