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The verb in the infinity

by Karla

I am you inside of me
and the hunter and deer
are only one.

This heart here still belongs
to the one who conjugated
the verb in the infinity
when sighing was the right thing
to do before sleeping.

The hours fall fast:
my body crumbles
expanding memories,
perfuming the canyons.
I am lighter.
I am still possessed by the winds
and the rocks.

In this part of the world,
there is only silence
and I can hear better
when she cries:
-she is a fragile force-

She has learnt what patience is
and expects little because
expects nothing.
I married her
when he became the dream of the wolves,
the feathers of the grou.

It is not hard to breathe underwater.
It is not hard to be a metaphor.
Life dances in me every single day
and my nakedness opens closed doors.
When nothing I have,
I still have myself,
I still have our mountains and there
hunters and deers have only one heart.

Karla Bardanza