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Could be

by Sarah Christine

I belong to another,
yet my heart refuses to know,
it's you I want to see,
with you I want to grow.
Yet I linger on to something
that has never really been there,
your the one that would
stay by my side,
your the one to care.
But yet I don't let go,
for reasons still unknown,
I cry every night,
for the love that is not shown.
You pick up the pieces,
break down the wall inside,
with you I can be myself,
with him I have to hide.
You make me feel that
I am no longer in this world alone,
you have some how managed
to melt away
my forever heart of stone.
He has the title,
while you've captured my heart,
I have never felt more whole,
but yet so torn apart.
It could be so wonderful,
could be so right,
but how could it be,
when I cannot
give up this fight?
I still belong to another,
for reasons I cannot see,
your the one I think about,
it's destined for us to be.