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I Am A Different Man

by Lost in Love

I have made mistakes
I have let you down
And sometimes when you called out my name
I wasn't always around

I may have lied
But never did i cheat
You were the only thing
That ever meant anything to me

I know when things got rough
I may have backed out
And when things didn't go my way
I would scream and shout

I may have ran
When things got hard on me
But you don't know
How much you made me happy

At times i did or said uncalled things
And i was immature
But people do change
Of that you can be sure

I made some promises
I know i didn't keep
And i might not have always been there
In your time of need

But i am not the person
That i once was
No longer am i
Afraid to be in love

But i am here now
To fill all the empty holes
To hold you tight
And never let go

I will be here to chase you
If you ever decide to run
Because baby you need to know
You are my only, my only one

I can now replace
All the memories we lost
Repair all the dreams
That were once shot

I am here to make ever promise
I made come true
Heres my first promise
I will always be with you

Baby i promise
I will be as honest as can be
Whatever you ask
The truth will always come out of me

Don't worry baby you wont regret
Giving me another chance
Because i promise you
I am a different and better man