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Let you go

by Sarah Christine

I never meant for
this to happen,
this wasn't how
it was supposed to be,
we were in love,
forever was you and me.
Our plans changed,
some how our lives
got rearranged.
We grew apart,
there was no room any longer
for you in my heart.
I've always loved you
with everything I had,
I only intended for your happiness,
I never wanted to make you sad.
I think about you almost everyday,
and in my thoughts,
I wonder,
if you feel the same way.
I wish you didn't hate me,
I was only trying to do whats best,
loving, just wasn't meant to be,
feelings put to rest.
This is right for you,
but something you'll never know,
I see you walk away,
I just can't let you go.