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by Emily Strickland

I Don't Want To Cry A Tear For You
So Please Forgive Me If I Do
I've Just Been Broken Hearted
Ever Since I Lost You

Sometimes I Can't Help It
Because You Broke My Heart
Now Everything Is Lost
And My World's Fallen Apart

I'm Sorry That I Loved You
I'm Sorry That I Cared
I'm Sorry That I Miss You
And The Love That We Shared

You Hurt Me So Bad
More Than You Know
I Just Don't Get It
And I Cant Let You Go

You Told Me Its Over
I Still Wish It Wasn't True
I Don't Know How To Survive
Or How To Live Without You

I Wish This Was A Dream
Because It Doesn't Seem Real
I Just Wish You Understood
How I Really Do Feel

I Don't Want To Cry A Tear For You
So Forgive Me If I Do
But I Really Cant Help It
I'm Just Lost Without You