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One Touch

by Lost in Love

Baby you have to trust
This is love not lust
I've never had these feelings before
There is no one that I love more

There is no one that gives me this particular vibe
You warm up my body while sending chills up my spine
You are the only one who can do this to me
I'm in love with you can't you see

When I hold you close it feels so right
Like whatever happens the sun will still shine
Like no matter what I do
My skies are still always blue

When your hand is placed in mine
And our fingers intertwine
It's like the missing piece to my puzzle that's incomplete
Your hand is the only one that fits with me

When I look in your deep blue eyes
I get a feeling that I can't describe
The look you give me calms me down
And always has away of wiping away my frown

When you flash your smile
My body gets a tingle that lasts awhile
My heart starts beating fast and slow
It's a feeling I just can't let go

When our lips meet
And your body leans against me
It's like everything in the world stops
And compared to the world I am on top

Now baby I hope you see
What just one touch does to me
How this is something I just can't let go
Baby no matter how much you try you'll never know