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Forget You

by Emily Strickland

You Thought You Had The Last Say
But You Were Very Wrong
I've Had Sometime To Think
Ever Since You've Been Gone

I Used To Think I Was In Love
And That You Were The One
I Was Fed All Your Little Lies
But Now Its Over And I'm Done

I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore
All I Wanted Was Some Of Your Time
But All You Did Was Tell Me Lies
When Someone Else Was On Your Mind

I Believed That You Cared
And That You Wanted Me
Guess Love Had Me So Blind
I Just Couldn't See

But Then You Changed
You Just Weren't The Same
And I'm Just So Angry
I Feel For Your Stupid Game

Someday You'll Realize
Everything We Had Together
But I'm Not Going To Sit Around
And Wait For That Day Forever

Even Though I Know
Deep Down I Still Care
And I Still Have Feelings Left
I Know Your's Arnt There

But Someday You'll Miss Me
And Everything We Used To Do
And Someday You'll Want Me Again
But I Wont Want You

I'm Going To Try And Forget You
So Then Maybe I Wont Be So Sad
And So I Can Put You In The Past
And It All Wont Hurt Me So Bad