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My Best Friend

by Lost in Love

You have always been there by my side
When things got rough you didn't run and hide
No matter what you were always there
The only one that ever cared

You helped me through all my tough times
You were there when I would cry and whine
You were there when I had no hope
To tell me you wouldn't ever let go

You were there when my skies were grey
To wash all the pain away
You were there to hold my hand
And tell me that you love me and you understand

You were there when the weather got bad
To make me happy when I was sad
You were there to put a smile on my face
A smile that no frown could replace

You were the one to pick me up when I was down
With no matter what you were always around
When I was blind and couldn't see the light
You would tell me everything's going to be alright

You were there to listen to my fears
To help me wipe away all my tears
You listened to all the secrets I held inside
When I just felt like I wanted to die

You were there when I cussed and screamed
And said things that I didn't mean
You were there from the beginning to the end
You not just my lover you're my best friend