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Just love me

by Kaleigh

Hold me close
up to your chest
treat me like
i am the best

whisper something
so sincere
like you love me
in my ear

kiss my hand
like you do
make it real
make it true

lets make this last
for sum long time
so everyone knows
that you are mine

don't break my heart
and leave it there
cause i no deep down
you really care

so look deep
into my eyes
promise me
we'll never fight

you'll never leave
you'll never lie
you'll never have to
say good bye

cause its sad
but its true
that i have fallen
hard for you

so don't turn me off
don't lead me on
don't hold me tight
and do me wrong

please just love me
for who i am
give me the best love
that you can

don't tell me lies
that I'll believe
make me something
that you need

cant live with out
your sweet face
cause with out you
I'm outta place

i hated you then
but love you now
don't ask me why
don't ask me how

you dared me
to love you
i took your dare
and now i do