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Daddy Help!

by Sherry Lynn

Daddy help me
Can't you see,
The pain that love
Has caused for me?

I loved him daddy,
And now he's gone.
I wish I little again,
So I could cry in your arms.

Why did things have to change?
Why did you get sick?
Why did he have to hurt me?
Why must I continue to live?

Daddy it's killing me,
To hurt like this.
Can't you help me,
Or will you always
Be to sick?

Daddy, I need you,
I need to be your little girl again,
I need to know
That it's okay,
And that someday
This pain will go away.

Daddy please,
Try real hard,
Remember me,
Even if it's just make believe.

I'll hold your hand,
We can just pretend,
That you're okay,
And I am little once again.

I hate this daddy,
I hate the pain,
Daddy, I love him,
And yes, I want him back again to stay.
Daddy, I love you, too,
And I want you well,
Please daddy,
I feel like I'm in hell.