Read Love Poems


by Eibutsina

A year of her time that she can never replace,
A heart full of hope thrown back in her face,
Someone she honestly thought she knew,
Changing into somebody new,who...
Couldn't see past his own situation,
He just added to the complication,
Making the same mistakes over and again,
What a shame he couldn't visualise her pain.
Because she gave him everything she gave him her all,
Thought he was the other half to her soul
But it seems to her now he was just destined to fall,
So shes putting up her defensive wall.
Every night she will silently say
Sit down on her knees and pray
For the faith he needs to succeed
And for the pity that he never found it in me.
Because she tried her best,
But her love it wouldn't do,
It just wasn't strong enough to pull him through.
And now she sees him day after day,
And she can see how much he's changed.
He's lost his colour,
Not too mention his weight,
His personality has died,
He's lost control of his fate.
His eyes cave in
His skin is a mess
His habits growing by the day
She begins to love him less.
Because you see looking through her eyes,
There was no need to feed her lies,
The beginning was strong and so were the ties,
But he abused her love and left her to cry.
If he loved her like he'd say,
He would've given up gear on that very same day.
She begged him too and pleaded please,
She even asked down on her knees,
But he said no and this is so...
She said I'm Sorry you have to go
Goodbye xoxoxo