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Romantic Fantasy

by Lost in Love

As I lay here in my bed
Thoughts of you fill my head
And I think about what I would do
If I was there with you
We would lie in a dark room alone
When no one there but me and you at home
I would be there holding you tight
And whisper sweet nothings in you ear at night
Id kiss you cheek down to your lips
And whisper There is nothing better than this
As I run my fingers through you hair
I start to give you kisses here and there
Id run my hand up your side
I start to breath heavy its something I cant hide
I grab your hand gently in mine
Then let our fingers intertwine
Then I rub the top of your hand with my thumb
Kiss your neck making your body go numb
You place your head upon my shoulder
Then I hold you a little closer
You slowly start to close your eyes
Then I whisper I love you and good night
I then kiss the top of your head
As you suddenly go to rest
Baby this is my romantic fantasy
About one night in your room just you and me