Read Love Poems


by Lost in Love

I never thought I could find
A girl like you
Someone to wash away all my pain
And make my dreams come true

Someone to make me smile
When things are bad
Someone to fill all the empty holes
In my heart that I had

Someone to take away
The insanity in me
Someone I can be myself with
And there isn't anyone I have to pretend to be

Someone to hold my hand
As we travel through the path of life
Someone to hold me at the end of the day
After I've been through all the agony and strife

Someone to share
My future with me
Someone that will be able
To break the chains and set me free

Someone I can tell
My secrets and my fears
Someone that will be there
To dry all my tears

Someone that will answer
All of my prayers
Someone that promises me
They will always be there

Someone to show me
Real true love
Someone that god has sent me
From the heavens above

Someone there in my life
That I can call mine
Someone that will be there
Til the end of time

I don't ask for much
Just someone like you
The girl who has made
All of this come true