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Through Space and Time

by Alex Penuelas

If i could,
I would love to travel
to the beginning of the

I would love to pick up
the gravitational singularity,
From which all of creation
Was conceived.

I would travel for billions of years,
From galaxy to galaxy,
From birth to death of
Many a planet, a star, and a galaxy,
To see how all the elements
Were conceived.

I will then travel to a lonely Planet,
Third rock from the sun,
With a little moon orbiting around it,
To see how these elements
Intermingled and intertwined,
To make your ancestors.

I will follow the bloodline down,
From the birth and death of
Village, kingdom, and empire.

Until I come to see how the elements
That created many a planet, a star, a galaxy,
Cannot compare to their most recent creation:

And then,
I would understand just how beautiful
You are.