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Once My Heart Beating Failed

by Golden AnGel Rhapsodist

How can I force, how can I wake
This dead and defeated emotion?

How can I try, how can I fake
This vanishing devotion?

I want it to revive
My love hope and desire,

But it can't, it really can't
In my heart, there's a dent.

Even though how hard I've tried
My heart's still numb,

I can say there's nothing left behind
With this love that I found.

Once my heart's beating failed
It will insist on loving you,

But it will never be the same
Even how sweet you call my name

Why does it hurt me so?
I don't know if there's nothing left you know,

The love you've once ignored
I think it's already dissolved.

I don't know if this silent feeling
Will still be waiting

For the day you call me babe
Let's see, let's breathe

Let's try,
And don't ask why.