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A breathe of fresh air

by Michael

I whispered to the wind Of my
hollowed misery
plagued; with perpetual loneliness
without you here.

As I lay to sleep; drapes
flapped and twitched.
A feeling aired the room with a
craved presence;
A divine curiosity.

The wind came whispering; purring
empathy into my ears
of my shared sorrow.
Cordial swirls comforted,
Soothing my solitude.
Caressing my madness.

An enigmatic; entity.
So surreal, yet so serene.
A sense that you were here
with me.

I closed my eyes to see you; picture you;
to vision your beauty.
I felt a ripple; penetrating right through me
nursing my wound of emptiness.

a gentle flurry lifted,

Sweeping us up into a mysterious gyre,
our sibylline souls twirled as as we danced
unto a whirlwind romance, which I wanted no end.

A saddened calm came to rest.
I slumped into a sombre lull.
The wind softly wavered and faded a farewell
Carrying you upon its stream.

I hope and pray we will whisper once again.

For now...

I feel a sense of solace; with a feeling so sublime
which aids the neglected void
within me..

....a little.

But from then until now,
I will, no more
throw a caution...


give my heart and blow
kisses to the whispering wind.