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You asked me...

by Ren

If I remembered the way it sounded...

The drum of your heartbeat against your chest-
Filling my ear as we settled in after
yet another long night of
Our limbs entangled as one-
Our breathing heavy and loud in
the air around us.

You asked me
if I remembered the way it sounded...

Your chilling whispers
of sweet nothings in my ear-
When you used to "sneak" up on me
and place gentle kisses to my neck and jaw-
Although I always heard you coming.

But I could not answer you...

For these scars within my heart and soul
must have silenced those memories
long ago.

So you asked me
if I remembered the way it felt...

You loving me-
For better
For worse.

And even though the poorly healed
wound of my broken heart
ripped back open with
the force of forgotten

I just shook my head,
And simply answered