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Worth The Wait

by Kips

From where he stood,
six feet above the ground,
he looked over the shoulders
of the multitude of people
that rose up in unison,
to look in the direction away
from where he stood.
He could hear
sighs of amazement,
chuckles of delight,
and whispers of excitement,
spread across the room.
As she walked down the aisle,
with her face covered in a white,
Bridal Illusion veil,
his nerves spiked up a bit,
and his mouth became dry.
She approached the platform
slowly, being led by her father;
he could feel his breath breaking,
and his heart beating so fast.
He had waited for this moment,
refusing to compromise,
knowing that it would be worth it.
The glow on her face,
as the veil was lifted
after all the formalities,
penetrated his heart and
saturated his soul,
deep inside.
With their eyes wet from tears,
he looked right in and whispered
"You're worth the wait!"
placed a kiss on her forehead,
then on her lips.
The rest of it is history.