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Her Caustic Starlight (Story)

by Milo

I lie here dreaming
Under the Coqui frog's moon
To lay way the foundry's soil
Hitting the ground as
Stars above began to bloom

Constellations forged upon
The anvil, striking with fire
Onto the heart of her machine
As cosmic love
Shines brightly with
Fireflies witnessing
To her grace, my caustic queen
Melting the stars
In my eyes as
Galaxies corrode in my sleep

Boundless reverie may be mine
Worthy causes to chase and dream
But I will not escape your starlight
Where I end and you began
Working the lands below
For an eon I have waited for you
To burn the colors
In my soul again,
With your smiling light
As you did once before
Shining down on me

My tired dreaming eyes
Don't have to dream anymore

This waking caustic love
In the heart of my machine
Will burn my existence unto
The soil, every time
I look up and daydream.