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Pastures new (English sonnet)

by Michael

(Dedicated to friends who'll say..'I do' once more)
(and together take their love, enjoy and explore.)

Our love; unveiled when dating in the dark.
We knew this way of searching was a chance;
but soon our eyes were fluttering a spark,
which spun unto a wonderful romance.
Our day has come to tie our sacred knot
The strings we've laced to bind our hearts as one.
What lies within our pasts are now forgot;
for now we look for better things to come.
Our love is blessed with bands of golden rings;
We breathed from lips our vows of solemn words
We'll keep each other safe beneath our wings
and will enjoy our lives as free as birds
We may have borrowed; something old and blue;
But cherish life; in love of pastures new