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by Hope

Black holes inside my skull,
insanity digs deeper,
love gets cheaper,
where do we go from here when we lost it all?;
because we crash and burn with the rain,
what's changed?
mortal sin burns in these veins,
you're gone with the rain,
the sun doesn't burn,
the soul yearns,
you spin until you crash to the ground,
pull me out,
love digs my grave,
mortal sin is paved,
you're mine for catastrophic faith,
let me in through clouds of hope,
I'll fade with the smoke,
love doesn't die;
the end never stops turning,
love keeps on burning,
the dead keeps walking,
the dead keeps talking,
catastrophic faith doesn't end,
my hope doesn't bend,
bones break,
I make one mistake,
you're gone;
gone at the sound of a gun.