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Blind Love Letter:

by Scott Cole

I'm sending you a special letter
What my heart thinks of you,
And I'm rushing it to you airmail
To make sure you receive it too.

So let me express myself
With these voices inside my core,
So you can truly understand
That I'm not like the ones before.

I know you have a problem
Believing things you can't see,
Because you've been hurt before
By guys that sound like me.

So my darling take my hand
Feel the pitter patter of my Soul,
And let that be your proof
That it's you that makes me whole.

May you hear it in my speech
The way my words treat you,
And sense it from my actions
Everything I relay to you is true.

Even though your eyes are torn
You do have a heart of gold,
So whatever it is you see in me
I hope it's just not what you're told.

I hope you feel in it your bones
And it makes your butterflies flip,
I hope you feel it in your heart
How you make my heartbeat skip.

For my special love letter to thee
It was handwritten without a view,
And that second that you sign for it
Is the sooner we both can say I do.