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Closing Bodies

by Sherry Caayupan

Land of a thousand miles ahead,
I could see greener pastures for love awaiting,
Two hearts dream to nearly wed,
Deep inside unforgettable thoughts floating deeply...

Hands eloping down the aisle walking,
Mindless of the people who tried to criticize,
Two lips so eager to go touching,
Nightmares turned into mellow skies...

Starting nights seemed so blunt, so endless,
Showy of love's aloof laying to a lover,
Swimming into the fathomed abyss,
Of this offered dowry given forever...

Every single hour spent with time of quality,
Arms wrapped around each other longing,
Heaps of belonging kisses in pledged eternity,
No other hands invade this place or men intrusive...

Let this love go as far it goes,
One brought love in the dark of day,
Two spilled madness as nights enclose,
Love has elevated, never will be astray...