Read Love Poems


by Ya----Na

She just wanted
to sit upon a birch of your heart
so that you would not feel
lonely anymore;

She wanted to
sing a song or two for you
to evacuate the silence
from your heart;

She wanted to
color all of your dreams with
so that you would not have
to feel the blues,

and she wanted to
quench your thirst for anger
so that your tears should stop falling
at nights.

When she took a flight
for your heart
they told me she was flying in the
nowhere zone,
but I had faith in you.
Faith; 'only fools rush in' is more than a theory.

The more she entertained you,
the more you tried to cage her;
You have never seen her worth
now when I look into your eyes,
I can't find her.

There was a bird within my heart
which you killed
because she never returned to her