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Heaven or dust

by Ya----Na

It took me
more than a year to speak
three little words.

You smiled
without even uttering a word,
and I knew that you had
given me a chance to ring
those bells of love
hidden somewhere
in your heart.

And it took you
less than 3 seconds to fill
all of those dreams
(I had in my eyes)
with color of blood

I don't remember,
when did I die?
Once the streets of my soul
were infected with your love
my mind became a labyrinth
while solving a case of you.

I thought of you as the Moon:
A place that I could call my home,
but you were merely
a piece of rock.

And when
I didn't get the chance
to live in heaven with you,
I took the dust;

I made earth my delight,
and once you start spinning
upon the green everyone looks like a
stranger to you.

Even me; Even you.