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My Forever

by Brenda

You are my one and forever-
there was no other
that has touched my heart
as you have-
there will be no other
in my life
that will ever make me feel
as you do-
You took my hand
so many years ago-
we vowed our love and fealty
to each other-
we would stand by each other
in sickness and in health-
through all the ups and downs
life would offer up-
you still like to tease
about the "obey" part-
I really don't recall any "obey"
in those vows-
We laugh-
oh God do we laugh!
Little catch words
that only two
who are deeply in love
would understand-
others never see
what makes us tick
so well together-
and that's ok-
For if there is never
another tomorrow
I know I have been loved-
deeply, madly, wholly-
completing my circle of life
like no-one else
ever could-
you are my one and only-
always and forever...